1. Ecology Project International (EPI)

Ecology Project International has offered their facilities to IV-E3M participants that wish accommodation. If you chose this option, you will have access to a comunal kitchen and bathrooms.  Also, the cost of your registration includes transportation between EPI and the IV-E3M site in the morning and the evening. Your fee covers accommodation from the night before the beginning of the module, and check-out is the day following the end of the module.

Spaces are limited in EPI (45 spaces; 29 of them in shared rooms (4-6 per room) and the rest in inflatable matresses in a common room), and will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Solidary couch

Some student members of SOMEMMA that live in La Paz have offered room for one or two participants at their place, cost-free. This option does not include transportation to the IV-E3M site. If you are interested in this option, send an email to:

3. Hostals and hotels in La Paz

There are many option in La Paz, with a wide range of prices. We suggest you have a look at:


Baja Packpackers

Pensión California